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Residental Projects

Gwendolyn's Construction LLC excels in residential remodeling, offering everything from kitchen to basement transformations based on our customers' visions. Our approach emphasizes direct communication and collaboration with homeowners, guiding them visually through material choices. We tackle any project challenges head-on, ensuring we maintain transparency and adaptability without compromising on our exceptional quality standards. Our dedication to superior craftsmanship and steadfast communication distinguishes us in the remodeling industry.

Fireplace Job




A general fireplace renovation began as a straightforward business consultation seeking guidance, which evolved into a solution for a longstanding issue. Following the consultation, the clients placed their trust in us to rectify and transform their existing fireplace into their envisioned design. The outcome speaks for itself.

Basement Clean Out

After becoming acquainted with a preservation company, one of our first assignments was a clean out that had the basement 2 feet full of garbage. The goal was to clean out the house, but we made it livable

Large Scale Residential Development Unit Improvements




 We embarked on a project aimed at enhancing the living conditions for the elderly residents of a retirement community. Our team successfully restored the bathroom to its full functionality, enabling the residents to once again shower in comfort and ease.

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